Experimental Features

GemFire includes these features to allow interested developers to experiment with their use in their own development systems. Feedback will help drive development of these features, and they may be supported in future versions of the product.

These features may change in or be removed from future versions of the product.

  • OQL Aggregate Functions

    OQL aggregate functions permit query strings that do selection based upon the result of an applied function.

  • Redis Adapter

    The Redis adapter allows Geode to function as a drop-in replacement for a Redis data store, letting Redis applications take advantage of Geode’s scaling capabilities without changing their client code. Redis clients connect to a Geode server in the same way they connect to a Redis server, using an IP address and a port number.

  • Automated Rebalancing of Partitioned Region Data

    The automated rebalance feature triggers a rebalance operation based on a time schedule.

  • Apache Lucene® Integration

    The Apache Lucene® integration enables users to create Lucene indexes and execute Lucene searches on data stored in Geode.