Deploying Configuration Files in JAR Files

This section provides a procedure and an example for deploying configuration files in JAR files.


  1. Jar the files.
  2. Set the Apache Geode system properties to point to the files as they reside in the jar file.
  3. Include the jar file in your CLASSPATH.
  4. Verify the jar file copies are the only ones visible to the application at runtime. Geode searches the CLASSPATH after searching other locations, so the files cannot be available in the other search areas.
  5. Start your application. The configuration file is loaded from the jar file.

Example of Deploying a Configuration JAR

The following example deploys the cache configuration file, myCache.xml, in my.jar. The following displays the contents of my.jar:

% jar -tf my.jar 

In this example, you would perform the following steps to deploy the configuration jar file:

  1. Set the system property, gemfire.cache-xml-file, to myConfig/myCache.xml
  2. Set your CLASSPATH to include my.jar.
  3. Verify there is no file named myCache.xml in ./myConfig/myCache.xml, the current directory location of the file

When you start your application, the configuration file is loaded from the jar file.