Custom-Partitioning and Colocating Data

You can customize how Apache Geode groups your partitioned region data with custom partitioning and data colocation.

  • Understanding Custom Partitioning and Data Colocation

    Custom partitioning and data colocation can be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

  • Custom-Partition Your Region Data

    By default, Geode partitions each data entry into a bucket using a hashing policy on the key. Additionally, the physical location of the key-value pair is abstracted away from the application. You can change these policies for a partitioned region. You can provide your own data partitioning resolver and you can additionally specify which members host which data buckets.

  • Colocate Data from Different Partitioned Regions

    By default, Geode allocates the data locations for a partitioned region independent of the data locations for any other partitioned region. You can change this policy for any group of partitioned regions, so that cross-region, related data is all hosted by the same member. This colocation speeds queries and other operations that access data from the regions.