Deploy JAR-packaged applications to a member or members.

Only one of either --jar or --dir may be specified.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.


deploy [--group=value(,value)*] [--jar=value] [--dir=value]

Name Description
‑‑group Group(s) to which the specified JARs will be deployed. If this option is not specified, the deployment will occur on all members.
--jar Path of the JAR to deploy.
--dir Directory from which to deploy the JARs.

Table 1. Deploy Parameters

Example Commands:

deploy --jar=group1_functions.jar --group=Group1

deploy --dir=libs/group1-libs --group=Group2

Sample Output:

gfsh> deploy --jar=group1_functions.jar --group=Group1

 Member   |     Deployed JAR     |                Deployed JAR Location            
--------- | -------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------
datanode1 | group1_functions.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group1_functions.jar#1
datanode2 | group1_functions.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group1_functions.jar#1

gfsh> deploy --dir=libs/group1-libs --group=Group2

Deploying files: group2_functions.jar, group2_dependencies.jar
Total file size is: 0.64MB

Continue?  (Y/n): Y

 Member   |      Deployed JAR       |             Deployed JAR Location            
--------- | ----------------------- | ---------------------------------------------
datanode3 | group2_functions.jar    | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_functions.jar#1
datanode3 | group2_dependencies.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_dependencies.jar#1 
datanode4 | group2_functions.jar    | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_functions.jar#1
datanode4 | group2_dependencies.jar | /usr/local/gemfire/deploy/GF#group2_dependencies.jar#1