Upgrading Pivotal GemFire

To upgrade Pivotal GemFire from an existing installation, you install the latest version of the software from a ZIP file. An upgrade from one major version to another (for example, from GemFire 8.2 to 9.0) will require brief downtime for your system.

  • How To Upgrade

    This section discusses the upgrade path for various Pivotal GemFire versions, and it lists information you need to know before you begin the upgrade process.

  • Upgrade from Version 8.2 to Version 9

    Details on how to upgrade Pivotal GemFire from version 8.2.3 or a more recent 8.2 version to version 9.

  • Rolling Upgrade

    A rolling upgrade allows you to keep your existing distributed system running while you upgrade your members gradually.

  • Upgrade with Cluster Downtime

    Cluster downtime will be required for an upgrade on systems that cannot do a rolling upgrade.

  • Multi-site Upgrade from Version 8.2 to Version 9

    A special procedure allows some multi-site systems to upgrade to version 9 on a site by site basis, eliminating the need for system-wide down time.

  • Version Compatibilities

    This topic lists the compatibilities for deploying different versions of Pivotal GemFire within a system.

  • macOS—Upgrade from a Homebrew Package

    If your operating system is macOS, you can upgrade Pivotal GemFire from a Homebrew package.