GemFire provides a transactions API, with begin, commit, and rollback methods. These methods are much the same as the familiar relational database transactions methods.

  • About Transactions

    This section covers the features of GemFire transactions. It also details the two kinds of transaction that GemFire supports: GemFire cache transactions and JTA global transactions.

  • GemFire Cache Transactions

    Use GemFire cache transactions to group the execution of cache operations and to gain the control offered by transactional commit and rollback. GemFire cache transactions control operations within the GemFire cache while the GemFire distributed system handles data distribution in the usual way.

  • JTA Global Transactions with GemFire

    Use JTA global transactions to coordinate GemFire cache transactions and JDBC transactions.

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Transactions

    This topic covers errors that may occur when running transactions in GemFire.

  • Transaction Coding Examples

    This section provides several code examples for writing and executing transactions.