Pivotal GemFire Management and Monitoring

Pivotal GemFire provides APIs and tools for managing your distributed system and monitoring the health of your distributed system members.

  • Management and Monitoring Features

    Pivotal GemFire uses a federated Open MBean strategy to manage and monitor all members of the distributed system. This strategy gives you a consolidated, single-agent view of the distributed system.

  • Overview of GemFire Management and Monitoring Tools

    GemFire provides a variety of management tools you can use to manage a GemFire distributed system.

  • Architecture and Components

    GemFire’s management and monitoring system consists of one JMX Manager node (there should only be one) and one or more managed nodes within a distributed system. All members in the distributed system are manageable through MBeans and GemFire Management Service APIs.

  • JMX Manager Operations

    Any member can host an embedded JMX Manager, which provides a federated view of all MBeans for the distributed system. The member can be configured to be a manager at startup or anytime during its life by invoking the appropriate API calls on the ManagementService.

  • Federated MBean Architecture

    GemFire uses MBeans to manage and monitor different parts of GemFire. GemFire’s federated MBean architecture is scalable and allows you to have a single-agent view of a GemFire distributed system.

  • Configuring RMI Registry Ports and RMI Connectors

    GemFire programmatically emulates out-of-the-box JMX provided by Java and creates a JMXServiceURL with RMI Registry and RMI Connector ports on all manageable members.

  • Executing gfsh Commands through the Management API

    You can also use management APIs to execute gfsh commands programmatically.