System Member Performance

You can modify some configuration parameters to improve system member performance.

Before doing so, you should understand Basic Configuration and Programming.

  • Distributed System Member Properties

    Several performance-related properties apply to a cache server or application that connects to the distributed system.

  • JVM Memory Settings and System Performance

    You configure JVM memory settings for the Java application by adding parameters to the java invocation. For the cache server, you add them to the command-line parameters for the gfsh start server command.

  • Garbage Collection and System Performance

    If your application exhibits unacceptably high latencies, you might improve performance by modifying your JVM’s garbage collection behavior.

  • Connection Thread Settings and Performance

    When many peer processes are started concurrently, you can improve the distributed system connect time can by setting the p2p.HANDSHAKE_POOL_SIZE system property value to the expected number of members.