Gemcached is a GemFire adapter that allows Memcached clients to communicate with a GemFire server cluster, as if the servers were memcached servers. Memcached is an open-source caching solution that uses a distributed, in-memory hash map to store key-value pairs of string or object data.

For information about Memcached, see

  • How Gemcached Works

    Applications use memcached clients to access data stored in embedded Gemcached servers.

  • Deploying and Configuring a Gemcached Server

    You can configure and deploy Gemcached servers in a Java class or by using the gfsh command-line interface.

  • Advantages of Gemcached over Memcached

    The standard memcached architecture has inherent architectural challenges that make memcached applications difficult to write, maintain, and scale. Using Gemcached with GemFire addresses these challenges.