Developing REST Applications for Pivotal GemFire

Developing REST Applications for Pivotal GemFire provides background and instructions on how to program REST applications with Pivotal GemFire. GemFire REST APIs allow you to access region data, queries and functions in your GemFire deployment in wide variety of programming languages.

Note: This documentation covers the v1 release of GemFire REST APIs for developing applications.

  • GemFire REST API Overview

    By using the GemFire REST application interface, you can immediately access GemFire’s data management capabilities in languages other than the natively supported Java language.

  • Prerequisites and Limitations for Writing REST Applications

    Before development, understand the prerequisites and limitations of the current REST implementation in GemFire.

  • Setup and Configuration

    The Pivotal GemFire developer REST interface runs as an embedded HTTP or HTTPS service (Jetty server) within a GemFire data node.

  • Using the Swagger UI to Browse REST APIs

    Pivotal GemFire Developer REST APIs are integrated with the Swagger™ framework. This framework provides a browser-based test client that allows you to visualize and try out GemFire REST APIs.

  • Developing REST Applications

    This section provides guidelines on writing REST client applications for GemFire.

  • Sample REST Applications

    This section provides examples that illustrate how multiple clients, both REST and native, can access the same GemFire region data.

  • Troubleshooting and FAQ

    This section provides troubleshooting guidance and frequently asked questions about GemFire Developer REST APIs.

  • Pivotal GemFire REST API Reference

    This section summarizes all available Pivotal GemFire REST API resources and endpoints.