Removing an Entry

Removing an Entry

The standard Region::remove API removes the entry with specified key and provides a user-defined parameter object to any CacheWriter or CacheListener invoked in the process.

The remove call not only removes the value, but also the key and entry from this region. The remove operation is propagated to the GemFire cache server that the native client is connected to. If the destroy operation fails due to an exception on the server (for example, a CacheServerException or security exception), then the local entry is still removed.

The remove operation updates CacheStatistics::getLastAccessedTime and CacheStatistics::getLastModifiedTime for this region and the entry.

The remove API returns true if the entry (key, value) has been removed or false if the entry (key, value) has not been removed.

Bulk Remove Operations Using removeAll

You can use the Region::removeAll API to remove all entries for a colleciton of specified keys from the region. The effect of this call is equivalent to that of calling destroy on this region once for each key in the specified collection. If an entry does not exist, then that key is skipped. Note that an EntryNotFoundException is not thrown.

The removeAll API also supports providing a callback argument to any cache loaders or cache writers that are invoked in the operation. See the Region online API documentation for more information about using removeAll.