Basic Region Access

Basic Region Access

n the context of a query, you specify the name of a region by its full path, starting with a forward slash (/ ).

Object Attributes

You can access the Region object's public fields and methods from a region path, referred to as the region's attributes. Using this method, / returns "portfolios" and / returns 10 . An attribute is mapped to a Java class member in three possible ways with the following priority until a match is found. If the attribute is named x , then:
public method getX()
public method x()
public field x
Note: The term attribute in this context is not the same as a region attribute.

Region Data

You can also access entry keys and entry data through the region:

  • /portfolios.keySet returns the Set of entry keys in the region
  • /portfolios.entrySet returns the Set of Region.Entry objects
  • /portfolios.values returns the Collection of entry values
  • /portfolios return the Collection of entry values
    Note: These collections are immutable. Invoking modifier methods on them, such as add and remove, result in an UnsupportedOperationException.

For the last two bullets, the FROM clause /portfolios.values and /portfolios return the same thing.