Step 3: Configure environment variables

Step 3: Configure environment variables

Configure your system environment to build and run OpenSSL. Follow the environment setup that applies to your operating system.

For all references to the Pivotal_GemFire_NativeClient_32or64bit_xxxx directory, replace 32or64bit with the appropriate architecture and xxxx with the actual four-digit product build number.

Bourne and Korn shells (sh, ksh, bash)

% OPENSSL=<parent folder for OpenSSL binaries>; export OPENSSL
% GFCPP=<path to installation, typically C:\Pivotal_GemFire_NativeClient_32or64bit_xxxx>; export GFCPP
% CLASSPATH=$GEMFIRE/lib/gfSecurityImpl.jar:$CLASSPATH


> set GFCPP=<path to installation, typically C:\Pivotal_GemFire_NativeClient_32or64bit_xxxx>
> set OPENSSL=<path to installed OpenSSL, typically C:\OpenSSL>
> set PATH=<path to Java JDK or JRE>\bin;%GFCPP%\bin;%GFCPP%\ssl_libs;%OPENSSL%\bin;%PATH%
> set CLASSPATH=<path to GemFire installation>\lib\gfSecurityImpl.jar;%CLASSPATH%