Cache Server Configuration

Cache Server Configuration

You configure the cache server in two files: for server system-level configuration and cache.xml for cache-level configuration.

The configuration of the caches is part of the application development process. See Cache Initialization File. (The cache-level configuration file is generally referred to as cache.xml, but you can use any name.)

Configuration File Locations

For the GemFire cache server, the file is usually stored in the current working directory. For more information, see the GemFire User's Guide.

For the cache.xml cache configuration file, a native client looks for the path specified by the cache-xml-file attribute in (see Attributes in If the cache.xml is not found, the process starts with an unconfigured cache.

Modifying Attributes Outside the File

In addition to the file, you can pass attributes to the cache server on the gfsh command line. These override any settings found in the file when starting the cache server.

For more information, see Configuring a Pivotal GemFire Cluster in the GemFire User's Guide.