Sample Social Networking Application

Sample Social Networking Application

The GemFire tutorial uses a sample social networking application. To support this application, the tutorial includes two sample regions and two sample application classes.

To store the sample social networking data the application uses two regions; one holds people and the other holds posts.

Table 1. People Region
Entry field key value
Type String com.gemstone.gemfire.tutorial.model.Profile
Description The person's name The profile of this person
Table 2. Posts region
Entry field key value
Type com.gemstone.gemfire.tutorial.model.PostID String
Description A unique ID for this post The text of the post

The Profile class holds a set of friends belonging to one person. A PostID is an author's name and a timestamp. The author's name should match a key (the person's name) in the people region, but that constraint is not enforced in this simple application.

A simple command line UI enables you to add people and posts to the system.