PUT /gemfire-api/v1/queries/{queryId}

PUT /gemfire-api/v1/queries/{queryId}

Update a named, parameterized query.

Resource URL



Parameter Description Example Values
q OQL String

"SELECT DISTINCT from /customers WHERE lastName=$1"

Note: For this release, you cannot specify the query string inside the request body (as JSON). You must specify the query as a URL parameter.

Example Request

PUT /gemfire-api/v1/queries/selectOrders?q="SELECT DISTINCT from /customers where lastName=$1"

Accept: application/json
Content-Length: <#-of-bytes>

Example Success Response

Response Payload:  null

200 OK

Error Codes

Status Code Description
404 NOT FOUND Returned if the specified queryId cannot be found.
500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR Error encountered at GemFire server. Check the HTTP response body for a stack trace of the exception.

Implementation Notes

This operation is idempotent, meaning multiple identical requests should have the same effect as the initial request.