Basic GemFire gfsh Commands

Basic GemFire gfsh Commands

Table 1. Commands
Command Description Availablity
debug Enable or disable debugging output in gfsh. online, offline
echo Echo the given text, which may include system and user variables. online, offline
encrypt password Encrypt a password for later use. online, offline
exit Exit the gfsh shell. You can also use quit to exit the shell. online, offline
help If the argument is a gfsh command, displays syntax and usage information for the command. If there are no arguments, displays a list of all available commands. online, offline
hint Display information on topics and a list of commands associated with a topic. online, offline
history Show or save the command history. online, offline
run Execute a set of GFSH commands. online, offline
set variable Set variables in the GFSH environment. online, offline
sh Executes operating system (OS) commands. offline, online
sleep Delay gfsh command execution. online, offline
version Display product version information. online, offline

Configuration Commands

Table 2. Commands
Command Description Availablity
alter runtime Alters configuration properties for a specific member or members while the member or members are running. online
change loglevel Changes the logging level on specified servers. online
configure pdx This command alters cluster-wide PDX configuration settings for all caches. online
Note: This command must be run before starting data members in order to enforce configuration settings.
describe config Display the configuration of a member. online
export config Export configurations, data, logs and stack-traces. online
export cluster-configuration Exports a shared configuration zip file that contains cache.xml files, files and jar files needed to configure and operate a GemFire distributed system. online
import cluster-configuration Import a shared configuration. online
status cluster-config-service Reports on the status of the cluster configuration server. online

Data Commands

Table 3. Commands
Command Description Availablity
export data Export user data from a region to a file. online
get Display an entry in a region. online
import data online
locate entry Locate a region entry on a member. online
put Add or update a region entry. online
query Run queries against GemFire regions. online
remove Remove an entry from a region. online

Deployment Commands

Table 4. Commands
Command Description Availablity
deploy Deploy JAR-packaged applications to a member or members. online
list deployed Display a list of JARs that were deployed to members using the deploy command. online
undeploy Undeploy the JAR files that were deployed on members or groups using deploy command. online

Disk Store Commands

Table 5. Commands
Command Description Availablity
alter disk-store Modify an existing GemFire resource. online
backup disk-store Back up persistent data from all members to the specified directory. online
compact disk-store Compact online disk-stores. online
compact offline-disk-store Compact an offline disk store. online, offline
create disk-store Defines a pool of one or more disk stores, which can be used by regions and client subscription queues. online
describe disk-store Display information about a member's disk store. online
describe offline-disk-store Display information about an offline member's disk store online, offline
destroy disk-store Deletes a disk store and all files on disk used by the disk store. Data for closed regions that previously used this disk store is lost. online
list disk-stores List all available disk stores in a GemFire cluster. online
revoke missing-disk-store Instruct the member(s) of a distributed system to stop waiting for a disk store to be available. online
show missing-disk-stores Display a summary of the disk stores that are currently missing from a distributed system. online
upgrade offline-disk-store Upgrade offline disk-stores used in Pivotal GemFire 6.5 or 6.6 installations to a format that is compatible with Pivotal GemFire or Pivotal GemFire 7.0 or higher. offline
validate offline-disk-store Validate offline disk stores. online, offline

Durable Client Commands

Table 6. Commands
Command Description Availablity
close durable-client Attempts to close the durable client. The client must be disconnected. online

Function Execution Commands

Table 7. Commands
Command Description Availablity
destroy function Destroy or unregister a function. The default is for the function to be unregistered from all members. online
execute function Execute the function with the specified ID. By default, executes on all members. online
list functions Display a list of registered functions. The default is to display functions for all members. online

GemFireAsyncEventQueue Commands

Table 8. Commands
Command Description Availablity
create async-event-queue Creates an asynchronous event queue. online
list async-event-queues Display a list of async event queues for all members. online

GemFire Monitoring Commands

Table 9. Commands
Command Description Availablity
describe client Displays details about a specified client. online
describe member Display details of a member with given name/id. online
export logs Export/dump logs to a given directory. online
export stack-traces Export the stack trace for a member or members. online
gc Force garbage collection on a member or members. online
list clients Displays a list of connected clients. online
list members Display all or a subset of members. online
netstat Report network information and statistics via the "netstat" operating system command. online
show dead-locks Display deadlocks, logs, metrics and missing disk-stores. online
show log Display the log for a member. online
show metrics Display or export metrics for the entire distributed system, a member or a region. online
shutdown Shut down all members that have a cache. online
start jconsole Start the JDK JConsole monitoring application in a separate process. JConsole automatically connects to a running JMX Manager node if one is available online, offline
start jvisualvm Start the JDK's Java VisualVM monitoring application in a separate process. online, offline
start pulse Launch the GemFire Pulse monitoring dashboard tool in the user's default system browser. online, offline

Index Commands

Table 10. Commands
Command Description Availablity
clear defined indexes Clears all the defined indexes. online, offline
create defined indexes Creates all the defined indexes. online
create index Create an index that can be used when executing queries. online
define index Define an index that can be used when executing queries. Then you can create multiple indexes all at once. online, offline
destroy index Destroy or remove the specified index. online
list indexes Display the list of indexes created for all members. online

JMX Connection Commands

Table 11. Commands
Command Description Availablity
connect Connect to a jmx-manager either directly or via a locator. offline
describe connection Display connection information details. online, offline
disconnect Close any active connection(s). online

Locator Commands

Table 12. Commands
Command Description Availablity
start locator Start a locator. The command creates a subdirectory and log file named after the locator. If the locator detects that no other JMX Manager exists, then the locator will automatically start an embedded JMX Manager and connect the current gfsh session to the JMX Manager. online, offline
status locator Displays the status of the specified locator. online, offline
stop locator Stop a locator. online, offline

PDX Commands

Table 13. Commands
Command Description Availablity
configure pdx Configure Portable Data eXchange for all the cache(s) in the cluster. online, offline
pdx rename Renames PDX types in an offline disk store. online, offline

Region Commands

Table 14. Commands
Command Description Availablity
alter region Alters the configuration of a region. online
create region Create and configure a region. online
describe region Display the attributes and key information of a region. online
destroy region Destroy or remove a region. online
list regions Display regions of a member or members. If no parameter is specified, all regions in the GemFire distributed system are listed. online
rebalance Rebalance partitioned regions. online

Server Commands

Table 15. Server Commands
Command Description Availablity
start server Start a GemFire cache server process. online, offline
status server Display the status of the specified GemFire cache server. online, offline
stop server Stop a GemFire cache server. online, offline